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We are your choice for assured outcomes Our clients are assured that our team has the knowledge and experience to deliver on projects.


We are driven by an internal sense of principles. We stick with what is right, no matter the circumstances


We believe excellence is a habit. We strive to continuously improve in our service delivery to our client.


We are accountable to our clients. We take responsibility for our work. We take ownership to see client problems, own it, solve it and do it.


We work together to achieve collective and individual goals. We adopt collaboration as a basic work style.

Customer Focus

Our energy and enthusiasm are contagious. We are inspired to make a lasting impact.


We are passionate about results. We are inspired to make a lasting impact. To us, the customer is king and therefore must be the fulcrum on which all we do depends.

What makes us Great!

Qeeva Advisory  is your choice for assured outcomes. Our clients are assured that our team has the knowledge and experience to deliver on projects

Our client trust us for our insight and the quality of our team. Industry Knowledge is one of our strong points. Our teams profound knowledge of the industry in which we operate provide the platform for extensive work that assures that the solutions we provide are actionable and are also optimal.

Our industry coverage is large enough and also deep enough for you to get quick and dependable results. The result is that we work with most types of industry.

Our customers enjoy customized solutions. We provide solutions that reflect the individual requirement of our clients.

Management consulting firm in Nigeria

Our Services

Human Resources Consulting

We offer our client with full support for all their human resources requirement: Executive Search, Background Verification, Candidate Assessment, Training and Development, Compensation, Performance management and so on.

Management Consulting Service Provider in Nigeria

We provide management consulting services to our clients to support their goals of keeping with the changes in the business environment, the competition, government regulation, changing consumer behavior, changing technology, corporate governance, aligning their human resources capital with their strategic plans and being globally compliant with standards in their business operations.

Tax Consulting Services

At Qeeva we assist businesses, individuals and organizations with tax strategy, planning, tax accounting, mergers and acquisition tax services and compliance.  Our service also includes specialty tax like expatriate tax

Our tax practices offer taxes in Personal Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Company Income Tax, Value Added Tax, Withholding Tax, Education Tax, Stamp Duties Act, Petroleum Profit Tax,

Forensic Accounting & Excess Bank Charges Recovery

We support our client with expertise in Forensic Accounting, including serving as expert witness. We help client unearth and determine the financial claims that they may make on third parties relying on our deep insight, wide experience dealing with lawyers. We not only prepare technical reports that are easily understood by laymen, but we also provide support in court as expert witness.

Marketing Research Services

Qeeva Advisory Limited is a top-notch management consulting and advisory firms in Nigeria. We offer customized applied social, business and economic research to our customers.

Debt Recovery Agent in Nigeria

Qeeva Advisory Limited offers customized, tailored credit management, debt collection, debt recovery and Credit Management Training and Implementation services for our Client.

Our Services include Debtor Tracing, Investigations, Field Calls and Recovery through the Law Courts. Our Debt Recovery Agents have over 80 years combined experience to support your debt recovery efforts and increase your cash flows.

Valuation Services Provision

Qeeva Advisory Limited offer Valuation Services to its Clients. We offer Valuation Services to our Client in the following situations:

Litigation valuation: Expert opinions, Valuation and damage, Quantification for dispute and litigation purposes.

Financial reporting and Tax Valuation: Business Valuation, Purchase Price Allocation, Impairment of Assets, Tax Purposes, Financial instruments and derivatives, Audit review support, Guarantees, Share-based payments.

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Accounting Advisory Services, Lagos, Nigeria

As Accounting Advisory Service providers, we are there to help our customers. Specifically,

We provide accounting, bookkeeping, tax consulting, tax filing and advisory services. Our range of accounting service also include bank reconciliations, month-end, and year-end financial reporting, Withholding Tax Remittances and Credit Notes Collections, Payables and Receivable Reconciliations, Excess Bank Charges Determinations, Costing, Business Start-Up advisory, Financial Analysis and Interpretation

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Management Consulting Firm in Nigeria
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Management Consulting Firm in Nigeria
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Qeeva Advisory Limited,
5, Ishola Bello Close, Off Iyalla Street, Alauasa, Ikeja,Lagos,Nigeria-100212,
Telephone No.+2348023200801
Qeeva Advisory Limited is a Management Consulting Firm in Nigeria, Our Services include Management Consulting, Tax Consulting, Forensic Accounting, Human Capital, Accounting, Audit, Corporate Service, Financial Advisory company for rendering specialized management, forensic accounting, tax, financial accounting and audit for its teeming client base.