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Businesses records the all financial transactions relating to them which can be quantified in terms of money, a business may decide to run its operation on both cash and credit. All credit transactions incurred by the business are recorded in the bank account and it affects the organization personal account whereas all the cash transactions are reflected in the cash book. The cash flow statement is used to record all the inflow and outflows of an organization, it is very important because it show the sources of cash to the business and how cash is also spent on various activities

Cash management deal with the collection, handling, usage and disbursement of cash. It is a key component for financial stability of companies. Whenever a company is unable to settle its obligation or debt due to lack of cash at that specific period, then it will lead to the company being insolvent which will in turn cause bankruptcy if proper measures are not taken. When a company has a poorly managed cash flow, it leads to the following

  • Having no margin of safety in case of any unexpected and unanticipated expenses
  • Difficulties finding funds for expansion
  • Difficulties in hiring and retaining employees
  • Inability to buy new inventory
  • Loss of contracts
  • Severely dent growth prospect of the company


  • Cash Flow Statement shows the overall financial solvency of the business
  • It determines the working capital requirement and other financial need of the business.
  • It allows the owner of the business to take important decisions
  • It allows stakeholders and investors know the worth of the business organization in the market, the sources and how they spend or apply it
  • Creditors want to know if the company can repay the loan.

Cash flow problems are one of the leading causes of business failure. To have a successful business, organizations will need to be able to manage their cash flows properly. It requires professional expertise and extensive experience. By outsourcing your need for cash flow management services with an expert like Qeeva Advisory Limited with over 12 years’ experience, businesses become capable and have competitive advantage over others. We take care of your financial errands so you spend more time making decisions

At Qeeva Advisory Limited, we have managed to work with various industries and sectors such as:

  • Retail businesses
  • Large and medium businesses
  • Restaurants
  • Service providers
  • Real estate
  • NGOs
  • Car parks
  • Construction companies
  • Grocery stores
  • Cleaning and janitorial companies
  • Beauty saloons
  • Travel agencies

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Cash flow management may cost various businesses the time and their money, a better option is allowing Qeeva Advisory Limited to help optimize your revenue by aiding in managing your cash flow. With over 12 years of experience dealing with company’s cash flow management, we have worked with various companies of different sizes and industries by helping them improve their revenue. Our detailed and flexible cash flow management that suits the needs of our client’s ensures that:

  • We predict cash flows
  • We manage cash flows on a daily basis
  • We manage financial risks of our clients
  • We also maintain electronic fund transfer system
  • We review and analyse expenditure on banking services
  • We negotiate contracts for financial and banking services
  • We manage fraud control programs
  • We determine the time period at which external funding or loans will be needed in the organization
  • We determine the time frame at which there will be excessive funds in the business that can be used to expand and grow the business
  • Then we move to analyzing the different components such as the accounts receivable, accounts payable, the credit terms, credit policy and the inventory of the company in order to identify the gaps and problematic areas in the business


Having an ineffective cash flow management strategy can break a company revenue and growth prospects. Partnering with Qeeva Advisory Limited frees you from the burden of managing daily cash flow management tasks, we allow you focus on more important strategies such as acquiring new customers and improving the relationship with stakeholders. Our cash flow management services includes the following:

Daily cash flow report maintenance

At Qeeva Advisory Limited, we help our clients to keep track of their daily cash flow while ensuring that we do not make accounting errors. We provide a well detailed accounting and gathering of data to produce reports for sales gained, expenditure incurred and other related transactions. This will ensure that the financial performance of the company are tracked well enough and the results are flexible for changes in order adjust to the goals of the company

Tracking of Accounts Payable and Receivables

At Qeeva Advisory Limited, we keep track of account payables and receivables for our clients because doing this function themselves in a large environment can be challenging and difficult.  By doing this we help improve the accountability of our client financial transactions by keeping tabs on the movement of funds

Reconciliation of Credit Card report

We will ensure the matching of all related transactions by matching the credit card statement with the internal records of the firm. Whenever we carry out this activity and we notice a mismatch of details, we will inform he relevant department and management by creating a well detailed and comprehensive report for every credit card transaction

Management of Financial risks

We will analyse and track the financial process and the system adopted by the company in order to assess any loophole and vulnerabilities that could affect the company drastically. We ensure this by making accurate findings that will help our clients manage their risks

Reconciliation of Bank statement

We will align the differences between the company’s cash book and the bank statement in order to ensure the accuracy of the company’s cash flow. We will carry out the process with due diligence to help you plan and implement financial models

Cash flow planning

This service has to do with forecasting and predicting all the cash inflows and outflows of the company and accurately analyzing the time at which payments are expected. At Qeeva Advisory Limited our team prepares detailed monthly cash flow projections which enables the business to plan ahead, budget and raise funds

Cash flow budgeting

We help our clients by making proper findings, this helps you to predict the cash inflows and outflows of the business over a period of time. This function will help companies take the right steps in ensuring any gap between the inflows and outflows are dealt with, helps our clients mitigate any future risks and gives them a tool to manage future financial requirements

Fraud management

We will thoroughly monitor all transactions taking place in our client business by capturing all the data regarding transactions and screening them with the application of an AI based fraud management system and experts from Bulls Capital Limited

Management of Electronic Payments

Most times managing and reviewing transactions by traditional methods are becoming more stressful and time draining, we can help our clients manage their electronic transactions while ensuring reliable and accurate payment procedures.

Reviewing Financial Contracts

We also help our clients minimize their financial exposure through thorough reviewing of their financial contracts, our team of experts and professionals will ensure that our client avoids risk to their assets

Our cash management services will allow our clients to:

  • Be aware of when, where and how their cash needs will occur
  • Be aware of the best available sources for meeting their additional cash needs
  • Be prepared to meet the expenses when they occur
  • Leverage the services of trained professionals that Bulls Capital Limited brings
  • Obtain the maximum rate of return on their idle cash
  • Obtain an appropriate line of credit
  • Strengthen your internal controls and operating procedures to maximize cash flow

At Qeeva Advisory Limited, we have proven and effective collection and payment techniques

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The cash flow management process we follow in order to deliver efficient and effective services to our clients consists of 5 steps.

Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Step 5:


This is the first step which has to do with understanding the needs and the business of our clients thoroughly with scrutiny



This has to do with understanding the finances of the business by looking at the accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash flow statements and any other relevant book or document


After the discovery and the analysis, our professional and experts will perform a cash flow statement that will give insights and recommendations to the client



Our team of professionals and experts will then generate comprehensive reports on their findings, waiting for our clients to evaluate them



After all the previous steps are carried out, the final step to take is to create individualized reports on each project


At Qeeva Advisory Limited, we can help you know how your company compares to others in your industry, sector and size


Irrespective of the nature of one’s business, it is mandatory to acquire the services of a cash flow management firm with years of experience like that of Qeeva Advisory Limited. Preparing proper cash flow statements will help the business owner to thoroughly track their finances. You should outsource our services because

  • We provide our clients with a consolidated report that will satisfy their business needs
  • We help our clients to stay on top their cash flow by properly monitoring the inflows and outflows
  • Our team consists of professionals and experts with a good number of years of experience in dealing with cash flow management
  • We have diverse knowledge dealing with variety of industries
  • We focus on understanding your requirements and prepare a cash flow report that can help you manage your business activities better.
  • We make leverage of various technology and various accounting software to help manage your cash flows
  • We help our clients concentrate on strengthening other key areas by dealing with the cash flow management
  • We minimize cash flow risks for expanding businesses
  • We aid in financial forecasting that will keep our clients ahead of their game
  • We provide full data security to our clients. The data of our clients are safe with us and will never be shared to a 3rd party
  • We provide affordable and effective cash flow management services. Our services are easily affordable for all forms of business

Every company will come to face with different challenges, cash flow management is one of the most common because it is very important.

At Qeeva Advisory Limited we have the business experience and team of financial accountants and analysts to help you analyse your cash flow systems, make findings and give recommendations on how to receive, control and invest your funds. We are committed to ensuring that your cash flow is well managed. Applying the best practices and giving recommendations, we have helped clients release millions of naira that was locked up in the working capital. We can help you too

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