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How to obtain an ITF compliance certificate

How to Obtain Industrial Training Fund(ITF) Compliance Certificate in Nigeria

HOW TO OBTAIN INDUSTRIAL TRAINING FUND (ITF) COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE IN NIGERIA Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Compliance Certificate is one of the important documents that is required when applying for tenders, or any contracts in any Federal government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs). It is mandatory for any supplier, contractor or consultant bidding for contracts and businesses from any Federal Government Ministries, Department, Agency, industries and private companies to have an Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Compliance Certificate LIABILITY TO CONTRIBUTE TO INDUSTRIAL [...]


How to obtain an Import License in Nigeria

HOW TO OBTAIN AN IMPORT LICENSE IN NIGERIA An import license in Nigeria is issued by various agencies of government in Nigeria which regulates and determines the goods that can be brought into the country. There is no unified import license in Nigeria. Depending on the type of goods you want to import, there are various licenses from different regulatory agencies However there are some documentations and processing that can be applied to all forms of import, these include the [...]

Licenses, permits and registration in Nigeria

Special Licenses, Registrations and Permits for Businesses in Nigeria

SPECIAL LICENSES, REGISTRATIONS AND PERMITS FOR BUSINESSES IN NIGERIA In order to operate in any field, profession or occupation, business organizations and companies, one will need to obtain certain specia licenses, registrations and permits for businesses or the person or organization will be penalized which is termed to be operating illegally.  Irrespective of the nature or specification of your business you will need various licenses and permits before you begin to operate a business Most licenses and permit may be gotten [...]