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How to start an Independent power company in Nigeria

How to start an Independent Power Company in Nigeria

HOW TO START AN INDEPENDENT POWER COMPANY IN NIGERIA Power generation is a significant issue in Nigeria. Nigeria’s population is over 200 million and these 200 million citizens will require on the average of about 200,000MW (Megawatts) of reliable and efficient electricity distribution. This is why there is a need to meet the growing population demands of Nigeria and this can be done by establishing an independent power company Independent power companies are entities of non-public service companies working and investing [...]

How to start a consumer electronics business in Nigeria

How to start a Consumer Electronics business in Nigeria

HOW TO START A CONSUMER ELECTRONICS BUSINESS IN NIGERIA Consumer electronics are either digital or analogue equipment that are used daily in different homes and offices for entertainment, communication and other activities. The growing population of those migrating to urban areas in Nigeria leads to the high demand of electronics by consumers. Various consumer electronics equipment includes Audio systems or home audio Flat screen TVs DVD players Video games Telephones Laptops Air conditioners Laundry machines Desktop computers Printers and scanners GPS Digital cameras Electronic musical instruments Cam coders Wireless devices such as Bluetooth headphones Different popular [...]

How to start a software development company in Nigeria

How to start a Software Company in Nigeria

HOW TO START A SOFTWARE COMPANY IN NIGERIA Software companies are in charge of creating, repairing, maintaining software that will aid in accomplishing tasks. Software companies in Nigeria is on the rise and people are demanding for the services. Many sectors such as education, banking, commerce, health, Small medium enterprises (SMEs) rely on software products in order to make their services and products more efficient.  Software companies make profits from commercial activities like contract services, charging per transactions, license fees, [...]


Strategies to Optimize Cash Flow when Exporting in Nigeria

STRATEGIES TO OPTIMIZE CASH FLOW WHEN EXPORTING IN NIGERIA Trading between countries has been in motion for centuries, economic independence between countries has led to an increasing expansion of international trade worldwide. Managing and optimizing your cash flow is very relevant as it can make or break your business depending on how well you will handle it When seeking to expand the reach of your products and services beyond your border, there are certain strategies that you need to employ in [...]


How to start a TV Broadcast station business in Nigeria

HOW TO START A TV BROADCAST STATION BUSINESS The media work is to inform and entertain its viewers. It influences the public perception and may even change the hands of the government by putting pressure on them. Owning a TV broadcast station in Nigeria is not a walk in the park as it involves lots of finances, procedures, documentation and constituency. The cost of starting a TV broadcast station business differs when it comes to the location you want to [...]

How to start a Fin tech company in Nigeria

How to start a Fin-tech Company in Nigeria

HOW TO START A FIN-TECH COMPANY IN NIGERIA Fintech is the short form for financial technology and it is a business that uses software platforms and technology to provide financial services to its clients and customers. Fintech companies are now popular all over the world as well as Nigeria, as they battle it out with conventional banks to reach customers with innovative and mouth-watering services. Nigeria currently has about over 200 fintech companies.  Not all fintech companies indulge in [...]


How to structure your Business for Results and Success in 2020 and beyond

HOW TO STRUCTURE YOUR BUSINESS FOR RESULTS AND SUCCESS IN 2020 AND BEYOND Most businesses after starting with a boom in profit without proper management and upfront planning tend to crash immediately. One of the challenges most businesses have is keeping up with the constantly changing business landscape and trends. Most business owners enjoy the present gains or rewards without proper planning for the future. The recent COVID 19 pandemic has led to people being home bound and several business [...]

How to start a foundation in Nigeria

How to start a Foundation/NGO in Nigeria

HOW TO START A FOUNDATION/NGO IN NIGERIA A foundation can be referred to as a Non-governmental organization (NGO) or a body of persons that donates or generates funds, gives support to other organization for their own charitable activities and purposes. They do not distribute its income to the shareholders, leaders, or members of the organisation. They do not pay income tax on the money they receive for the organisation. Foundations may be focused on various interests such as health care, [...]

How to start a franchise in Nigeria

How to start a Franchise in Nigeria

HOW TO START A FRANCHISE IN NIGERIA According to Investopedia, A franchise is a type of license that a party (franchisee) acquires to allow them to have access to a business’s (franchisor) proprietary knowledge, processes, and trademarks in order to allow the party to sell a product or provide a service under the business’s name. In exchange for gaining the franchise, the franchisee usually pays the franchisor an initial start-up and annual licensing fees. Franchising occurs when a business wants to increase [...]

Need to know on trademark registration in Nigeria

Need-to-knows on Trademark registration in Nigeria

NEED-TO-KNOWS ON TRADEMARK REGISTRATION IN NIGERIA What is a Trademark? A trademark gives protection to a particular name, logo or symbol that is relating to your business brand or your products. Trademark can be classified as intellectual property. They apply to logos, branding, symbols and even the colours that are pertaining to a specific product or business brand.  Take for example the Coca-Cola symbol, the bite marked fruits on all apple products, MTN’s logo and the yellow affiliated colour. Trademarking has no [...]