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How to start a cloud computing business in Nigeria

How to start a Cloud Computing Business in Nigeria

HOW TO START A CLOUD COMPUTING BUSINESS IN NIGERIA One of the challenges further noticed by the IT sector is the loss of data stored or backed up in physical or local servers as well as the growing or fluctuating demand in bandwidth. In order to tackle this problem, cloud computing was invented Cloud computing refers to the provision of IT Infrastructure, middle ware, operating software and applications hosted within a data centre over the internet on a pay as you [...]

How to start a car resale business in Nigeria

How to start a Car Resale Business in Nigeria

HOW TO START A CAR RESALE BUSINESS IN NIGERIA Car resale business as the name implies deals with selling used cars to those that are willing to buy. In dealing with a car resale business which can also be called used car sales, one will need to having working knowledge, marketing, expertise in different models and the prices relating to cars. Buying and selling used cars can be a very profitable venture in Nigeria as buying a new car is [...]

Management consulting firm in Nigeria

Corporate Strategic Planning tips for small businesses in Nigeria

CORPORATE STRATEGIC PLANNING TIPS FOR SMALL BUSINESSES IN NIGERIA INTRODUCTION There is a saying that goes thus ‘’if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”. When running any kind of business, having a road map or a blue print is very important. Growing and expanding your business means taking certain decisions that will affect the operations of your business. Creating a corporate strategic plan is a key component in the growth and expansion of a business. Corporate Strategic Planning is [...]

Crisis management strategies for SMEs in Nigeria

Crisis Management Strategies for SMEs in Nigeria

CRISIS MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES FOR SMEs IN NIGERIA INTRODUCTION Let us start off by breaking this topic into segments for better understanding. A crisis can be defined as a sudden or an unexpected turn of events leading to a major unrest among individuals in a country or state or even workplace. Crises affects an individual, group, stakeholders, organization or society, state and countries. A perfect example of this is the recent Covid 19 pandemic that has crippled the world globally, it has [...]

How to start an Oil marketing companies in Nigeria

How to start an Oil marketing Company in Nigeria

HOW TO START AN OIL MARKETING COMPANY IN NIGERIA The petroleum industry has been one of the sectors in Nigeria to invest in. Nigeria is one of the largest producers of oil in the world according to statistics. The Nigerian economy is also dependent on the oil and gas sector. The oil business is not only for those who are wealthy, even though any average person can invest in the person There are different types of petroleum products that one can [...]

How to start a security guard services company in Nigeria

How to start a Security guard services company in Nigeria

HOW TO START A SECURITY GUARD SERVICES COMPANY IN NIGERIA Starting a new business is never easy, it involves lots of preparation, steps, strategies, finances and other relevant needs.  The demand for security guard services is on the rise due to the increasing need for protection of assets and personnel from various security threats and potential criminal activities. Criminal activities have been on the rise at an alarming rate in the past years in Nigeria and the one of [...]

Uniform manufacturing services in Nigeria

How to start a Uniform Manufacturing Services Business in Nigeria

HOW TO START A UNIFORM MANUFACTURING SERVICES BUSINESS IN NIGERIA A uniform is defined as the distinctive clothing worn by members of the same organization or body or by children attending certain schools. It is a kind of identity that distinguishes an individual or organization from others. The uniform manufacturing business is a profitable business that deals in with the clothing industry. This business can be done in any location including from the home of the business owner. When starting [...]

How to start a waste management business in Nigeria

How to start a Waste Management Business in Nigeria

HOW TO START A WASTE MANAGEMENT BUSINESS IN NIGERIA Waste can be defined as any material, substance that is no longer useful after being used for the completion of a process. An individual purchased a bottle of water, after drinking the water he disposes the container. The container here is regarded as waste. Waste is an item or substance that is discarded after primary use. Types of waste includes: Solid waste As the name implies, solid waste are waste that are not in [...]

Financing for growth of businesses

Keys to running a successful Business in Nigeria

KEYS TO RUNNING A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS IN NIGERIA Nigeria serves as one of the best countries in the Sub-Sahara region of Africa to invest in due to its climate condition, geographical area, and political stability among other characteristics that foster business opportunities. Although the economy may look like it’s failing but nevertheless there are many business opportunities that are striving and blooming with great yields.  Nigeria has been a fertile ground for years for both local and foreign businesses to [...]

How to start an ice cream business in Nigeria

How to start an Ice cream business in Nigeria

HOW TO START AN ICE CREAM BUSINESS IN NIGERIA Ice cream is a popular treat that is mostly enjoyed during the dry season by everybody both the old and the youths, rich or poor especially the children and ladies. The demand for ice cream in Nigeria is on the rise. Ice cream has different flavours, a smooth surface, cooling and invigorating impact. Ice cream contains sugar, fats, protein and minerals etc. It is usually made from dairy products, such as [...]