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Corporate Strategic Planning tips for small businesses in Nigeria

CORPORATE STRATEGIC PLANNING TIPS FOR SMALL BUSINESSES IN NIGERIA INTRODUCTION There is a saying that goes thus ‘’if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”. When running any kind of business, having a road map or a blue print is very important. Growing and expanding your business means taking certain decisions that will affect the operations of your business. Creating a corporate strategic plan is a key component in the growth and expansion of a business. Corporate Strategic Planning is [...]

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Keys to running a successful Business in Nigeria

KEYS TO RUNNING A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS IN NIGERIA Nigeria serves as one of the best countries in the Sub-Sahara region of Africa to invest in due to its climate condition, geographical area, and political stability among other characteristics that foster business opportunities. Although the economy may look like it’s failing but nevertheless there are many business opportunities that are striving and blooming with great yields.  Nigeria has been a fertile ground for years for both local and foreign businesses to [...]