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Preparation by a business on Covid-19: Business Continuity Planning

PREPARATION BY A BUSINESS ON COVID-19:BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLANNING INTRODUCTION The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic that has crippled the world globally, it has led to deaths, businesses counting losses and closing down, unemployment, financial crisis and economic downturn. As at 16th of April, 2020 over 136,000 people have died from the pandemic which has led to government of many nations enforcing a lockdown order Covid-19 has bought health and global economic challenges that cannot be controlled by a business owner, but [...]

Crisis management strategies for SMEs in Nigeria

Crisis Management Strategies for SMEs in Nigeria

CRISIS MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES FOR SMEs IN NIGERIA INTRODUCTION Let us start off by breaking this topic into segments for better understanding. A crisis can be defined as a sudden or an unexpected turn of events leading to a major unrest among individuals in a country or state or even workplace. Crises affects an individual, group, stakeholders, organization or society, state and countries. A perfect example of this is the recent Covid 19 pandemic that has crippled the world globally, it has [...]