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A complete guide to business lending in Nigeria

A complete guide to Business Lending in Nigeria

A COMPLETE GUIDE TO BUSINESS LENDING IN NIGERIA As a business owner, you will need to lend at a certain point in your business in order increase your cash flow, make necessary purchases or to finance the expansion of your business to new horizons and new market places. There are various processes and applications one will need to follow before having access to these funding and in this article we will guide you through every one of them WHAT LENDING OPTIONS [...]

Financing for growth of businesses

Financing for growth of Businesses

FINANCING FOR GROWTH OF BUSINESSES Financing for growth of businesses deals with the acquisition of capital for the further reach and expansion of your business. At a certain stage in every business, there will come a time when the business will need to expand its reach or horizon. And for you to grow, you will need financing. The following are the guides on how to finance your business and whether your business is ready for growth: IS IT THE RIGHT TIME [...]