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Tax planning strategies for small businesses

Tax Planning Strategies for Small Businesses in 2020

TAX PLANNING STRATEGIES FOR SMALL BUSINESSES IN 2020 INTRODUCTION According to Wikipedia, small businesses are privately owned corporations, partnerships or sole proprietorships that have fewer employees and or less annual revenue than a regular sized business or corporation. The number of employees in a small business may range from 5-50 employees. Small business can always apply for the government support and also qualify for preferential tax policies governing a certain state or nation. Nigeria’s new financial bill that was signed into [...]


Legal types of Business Structure in Nigeria

LEGAL TYPES OF BUSINESS STRUCTURE IN NIGERIA INTRODUCTION One of the key decisions a business owner will make when starting a business is the business structure he or she wants to adopt.  The choice of business structure comes with different variations such as the taxes that go along with it, cost of setting it up, personal liability, the amount of paper work and registration process associated with the business. A business structure can be defined as a category of an organization that [...]